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When people ask us how Authenticity Boutique got started the first words out of our mouths are, “It was such a God thing!” It may look like we just decided to start a boutique and did it but there is so much more. It was never just about starting a business; it is a calling God placed on our hearts. It was a process. A process to get us where we needed to be individually before we could come alongside other women to cheer them on. We had to get our message of “Be fearlessly authentic” deep down in our souls living it out ourselves, before we could encourage others to do that as well. It took pushing past fears and insecurities trusting God each day that He would show up and show up He did!


God thing #1 – We have to tell the back story to get to the beginning of this one. Bear with us! Ten years ago, at the church we attend, Ashton was in youth group and a singer in the youth band. A group of guys that had a local Christian band helped out with the youth band. We got to know one of the guys in the band named Robbie. OK, now back to 2019. We put the announcement about opening up the boutique on Facebook. We get a message from Robbie, who we haven’t seen or talked to in 10 years. Long story short, he is a web designer, and some kind of nerdy title that means he knows the ins and outs of selling online. He offered to help us, wait for it….. just because he likes us and loves to see cool people succeed! (his exact words) WHAT?? We seriously could not be where we are right now without him.


God thing #2 – Our AMAZING photographer Kirstie!!! God gives us gifts and she is a HUGE one that He has given to us. Guess when she showed up in our lives? You guessed it, right before we decide to go for it and open up the boutique. The best part is that she has the same calling. The true definition of authentic! One of the sweetest souls you will ever meet! As a bonus, we get her mad social media skills!! She has taken our Insta game to the next level. This girl has creativity running through her veins and we literally turn her loose to do her thing!     




God thing #3 – A place to Pop Up. We reached out to some friends and local business owners for a place to hold pop ups. They have a place that they don’t use and offered it to us. It’s a big room that is unfinished, I mean like no drywall just insulation. We took that space and glammed it up some to make our own little “shop”. Then we popped up and women showed up and it was amazing!!



A million other ways God showed up – There have been and still are days where we second guess, worry if it will work, fret over what styles to buy, etc. But each time God so very gently speaks through a devotion, song or another person to remind us that He is in control. He is good, so very, very good!

What does all this authentic stuff mean anyway? Authenticity Boutique. We chose that name because we want to empower women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to be themselves and most importantly, LOVE themselves. Unfortunately, social media and advertising only shows us one form of beauty, a size 00 with perfect features, a flat stomach and thigh gap. BUT that is only ONE example of beauty. As women, we are all beautiful! God made us that way, uniquely beautiful in our own way. Don’t sit back and think you are less than beautiful if you don’t “look” a certain way. ROCK WHAT YOU GOT!


It means being the women that God created YOU to be. Embracing it, loving it, living it! We spent so many years feeling “less than”.  Not skinny enough, not pretty enough, not cool enough, not popular enough; hiding our authentic selves, afraid of what others may think. Then, a dear friend of ours, spoke truth into our lives and helped us to realize that “No one is you and that is your super power!” The freedom that comes from loving yourself and embracing who you are is AMAZING!

What we want you to know…. We want you to be able to visit our webpage or come to a pop up, let us help you find your style, get some killer outfits and ROCK IT with confidence!! We say that “You CAN wear that”, “You CAN pull that off” “Wear leopard if you want to” “get those chandelier earrings”

Fashion is fun! Life is fun! Live it out!




Meet our Team…

Momboss – Monica                


Hey, it’s me Monica, just over here following my dreams of opening a women’s clothing boutique with my daughter. It has only taken me 52 years to be brave enough to do it, but better late than never, right?  I have been married to my amazing husband Kevin for 29 years. I’m the mom to Ashton, the most beautiful 25-year-old who is the other half to this business. As a bonus, I have a son in law Jordan and sweet grand dog named Ruby. My absolute favorite food is a donut, I also love Jesus, coffee, Oreos and some good chicken fingers and fries. My hometown is Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Our goal at Authenticity Boutique is as simple as our tagline, “There is only one you and that is your superpower”. We want to provide clothes for ALL shapes and sizes, which fit YOU and YOUR BODY and make YOU FEEL BEAUTIFUL! We want to encourage and help you step out of your box and into a trendy fun wardrobe that shows your authentic self. We are all about our customers and want to make sure that you are totally satisfied with your purchase. Our hope is that you will have a great shopping experience, get an outfit that makes you feel beautiful, and ROCK IT!

In addition to helping you be your authentic self and rock it, we want to give back to women who need a little help. Babes need to support babes! We will be partnering with agencies that help women, who are starting over, by gifting them an outfit. Women who have left abusive situations, recovering from addiction or leaving a homeless situation. With the help of the agency, we will choose a woman each month. If possible, we will share their transformation with you.


Much love,



Daughter Boss                      


Hey there, it’s Ashton. This dream has finally taken off, and I am here for it. I am 25 years old and have been married to my sweet husband Jordan for over two years. We have a sassy Golden Doodle named Ruby and the most handsome Great Pyrenees, Montana. I am from Bowling Green, Kentucky but we currently live in Franklin, Kentucky, my hubby’s hometown. I love Jesus, working out at my local gym, coffee, and almost every animal you can think of (except snakes). The crazy person that will stop in the middle of traffic to see a puppy, that’s me. I love to dance, laugh, and be silly most of the time. Carbs are my weakness!! Can I get an amen??


I’m just going to get straight to the point. My calling and purpose in this life is to help others, especially women.  That is why I am here, and that is the heart of our business. I believe that God made us all uniquely beautiful, and the world tries to tell us otherwise. It all gets so twisted in this crazy world we live in. I want each and every one of you who put on our clothing to feel empowered, loved, and sexy in your own way. Own it, and don’t be afraid to work it. God has already given you so much, but it’s your choice what you do with it. I pray that you see my heart through these words and feel welcome here.





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